Active Marketing

Bicycling Specialist Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Media Management

  • Marketing consultants, creative marketing strategies
  • Event development and management
  • Public relations and communication strategy and execution
  • Sponsorship management and activation
  • On-site press office and media operations management
  • Collateral pieces and communication via the new media
  • We write and send press releases too, but there is so much more to an effective PR campaign

The reported down trend in youth cycling (US National Sporting Goods Association) is opposite to the 25%+ year-on-year growth of participation in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association leagues. NICA provides the model to massively increase cycling participation, long term, in the USA. In this country it’s not just a matter of building good bike paths, as we know from the Santa Clarita, CA, experience. People need to be educated as cyclists (not just car-driving bike racers) in the critical middle and high school years. NICA is the only organization doing this.

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